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Welcome to Atlantis: Rise! This wiki will allow characters to understand the particulars of the world and the things they’ll need to know. Please note that this is still under construction at the moment, but I’m chipping away at the pages that need to be created.

Atlantis: Rise! starts on Earth, one of the many planets under the protection of the Lemurian Union. Long ago, the ancient Lemurians seeded Earth with genetic material, and for nearly 8,000 years, Atlantis has stood watch over the Earthlings, monitoring and protecting.

However, that is all about to change. The Lemurians are at war, and even distant Atlantis will not be spared the costs of war.

Atlantis: Rise! will be played using a modified FATE Core system (using a previous version of the rules found in the Dresden Files RPG for character creation, skills, and magic.) I’ve included some materials in the Wiki to help with character creation, but as the character creation process is somewhat interactive with the GM, don’t feel obligated to dive in without help. What’s here is just to give a rough concept.

Gameplay details are still being hammered out.

Main Page

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