What some more superstitious beings would call magic is nothing of the sort. Instead, it is a subtle science, the art of manipulating the universe on the subspace level. It is a rare art, understood by few, mastered by even fewer. While magic comes easily to some races, such as the Koris or the Zalashtigar, most races find it difficult to practice, and often require specially-crafted devices. For the Lemurians, such a device is termed an Adaptive Crystalline Matrix (ACM).

The ACM is still a fairly new device, and the Lemurians are still unlocking its potential. A standard ACM holds several pre-programmed functions (“spells”), and uses the wielder’s energy to create a fluctuation in sub-space to cause changes. Each ACM needs to be attuned to a particular person prior to use, but that attunement can be overwritten as need be.

An ACM can be built into nearly any device, so a user’s personal preferences can be taken into account. The more functions an ACM can hold, the larger the device will need to be. Pre-programmed functions can be changed at any time, but reprogramming an ACM takes time, given the complexity of the function.

An ACM is necessary for a Lemurian (and most other races) character looking to use the Ritual, Channeling, Evocation, and Thaumaturgy skills.

It should be noted that there are some non-reprogrammable devices exist that hold a single function only. Such a device is called a Programmed Crystalline Matrix (PCM). While these PCM devices are even more rare than an ACM, it is more efficient and is easier to attune to a wielder, making it more suited to certain limited tasks.


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