Character Creation

As noted before, we’re using FATE Core as the main ruleset – modified with rules from the Dresden Files RPG for skills and magic rules.

Character creation consists of the following phases:

  1. Pick seven Aspects (including the High Concept)
  2. Assign 25 points of Skills
  3. Gain Powers and Stunts (some of the custom Powers available at the Dresden Wiki are available subject to GM approval – most of the powers listed there are fan-created and need some vetting. A summary of the default Powers is available on the DFRPG Downloads page, which has a number of good resources.)

We’re going for the “Waist Deep” power level to start off with, so characters get 25 skill points, a skill cap of “Great”, and 7 starting Refresh points. (Characters who take no Powers or other “supernatural” abilities get 2 bonus Refresh points for Stunts.)

If you’d like some assistance, you can download this Windows-based character generator – it doesn’t have all of the custom abilities, but it’s a good place to start.

Character Creation

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